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Regal 400 Freestanding Smart Wood Pellet Grill  : $1,49900

Ash Management System
  • A clean burn pot ensures consistent performance and sifts ash easily into the ash catcher, which forms part of the Pellet Grill's ash management system. Regularly remove ash for better performance.
  • The ash sifter ensures that your burn pot is ready to perform with every cookout, without needing to remove your cooking grids and heat plates. *Patent Pending Design*
Pellet Hopper
  • The Regal Pellet Grill's high-capacity 22 lb (10 kg) pellet hopper holds an entire bag of pellets, plus the roughly 2 lbs that you may have left over from your last cookout.
  • On the back of the hopper you'll find the dump-out access hatch from where you can easily empty out the pellets when you want to change up the flavor, or simply to prepare for long-term storage of your grill.


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