Annke : BSP001 – 360° Omni-directional Pick-up Conference Speakerphone

BSP001 – 360° Omni-directional Pick-up Conference Speakerphone : $139.99

Equipped with 8 48KHz Mic, the microphone can receive voice from 360°omnidirectional, providing clear voice in one-to-one calls or group conference calls, and the pickup distance can reach 5 meters.

AI intelligence Noise Reduction & Mute Function

Equipped with echo and squeal suppression and anti-reverberation technology, Microphone can automatically filter out ambient noise, such as keyboard tapping, air conditioning. With mute function, just click the button.

Hi-Fi Speaker & Full-Duplex Audio

The innovative acoustic structure weakens the mutual interference between the speaker and the mic, and brings a better sound pickup effect.
Full duplex audio design, to speak and be heard simultaneously.

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