Annke : WX810 – 4K Ultra HD PC Webcam

WX810 – 4K Ultra HD PC Webcam with Wide FoV, Smart Macro Autofocus : $149.99

Be Seen in 4K Ultra HD

ANNKE WX810 delivers crystal clear picture quality and captures every video detail in 4K Ultra HD resolution (USB 3.0 required) at 30 fps. This camera always provides smooth live streams for your video presentations.

Macro Autofocus Within 0.7s

The webcam achieves ultra-close focus on the target clearly at a distance of 5 cm from the camera. Autofocus within 0.7s ensures you stay in focus even you move frequently. Capture smaller objects when you share something delicate with your audiences.

Frame Yourself and Team Perfectly

Angle the camera lower or higher however you want to make sure that you are in frame. Provide every teammate with an opportunity to be seen.

Wide FoV Without Distortion

ANNKE Webcam comes with 91° diagonal FoV and gives its low distortion lens for reducing image distortion, which is well suited to display whiteboard while you are presenting reports or capture multiple people in a single frame for a video conferencing.

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