City Plumbing : Mira Meta Electric Shower 8.5 KW 1.1895.004

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£215.71 £258.85 GRAB NOW

Mira Meta Electric Shower 8.5 KW 1.1895.004

Mira Meta Electric Shower comes with its contemporary white and chrome design, the 8.5 kW Mira Meta electric shower is the perfect addition to a modern bathroom, providing flexible installation and hassle-free replacement of older units. Simple and straight forward, the Meta includes an on and off button and three flow settings along with a large, easy to clean showerhead with Mira Clear scale technology, reducing the build-up of limescale by up to 50 percentage for better performance for longer.

  • Stylish Design
  • Simple settings
  • Greater coverage
  • Longer-lasting shower
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Eco function
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