CONDOR : Enjoy the show – Inflight Entertainment

Enjoy the show – Inflight Entertainment

Be it side-splitting comedies, action as an escape from day-to-day life or dramas that play with your emotions, you can look forward to a wide range of highlights in our Inflight Entertainment programme.  Choose from up to 250 films and 160 series – all for free. The Inflight Entertainment programme is available for free to passengers in all booking classes.

On shorthaul and mediumhaul flights: stream films and series on your own device

Flight zones

On shorthaul and mediumhaul flights, you can use our Wireless Inflight Entertainment Condor FlyStream. Enjoy a large selection of exciting and entertaining films and series or pass the time by playing a variety of games. You can also track your flight route live.

On longhaul flights: an entertainment programme via your personal monitor at your seat

On longhaul flights, passengers in all booking classes can make the most of a personal screen for individual use of the entertainment programme. Choose from up to 250 films and 160 series. Your highlights: in addition to blockbusters, new releases, classics children’s films and documentaries, we also offer a comprehensive range of music from all kinds of different genres.

A330neo: use your own Bluetooth headphones

On aircraft in our A330neo fleet, you can connect your own Bluetooth headphones to our personal entertainment monitor. Enjoy films and series in 4K resolution – on 17.3” screens for our Business Class passengers and on 13.3” screens for passengers in Premium Economy and Economy Class. You can charge your devices at every seat with a USB-A or USB-C cable.

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