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It’s inexpensive, convenient and available throughout Germany – enjoy stress-free travel to your departure airport by train with Condor’s Rail&Fly offer, with fares starting from just US$ 34.04 per person.

Condor's Rail&Fly offer

With Condor’s Rail&Fly service, you’ll travel to your departure airport economically, comfortably and with no stress whatsoever. Please note that your rail journey must start in Germany.

US$ 68.08 per person, per journey in First Class, and
US$ 34.04 per person, per journey in Second Class.

You can book Rail&Fly tickets up to three hours before departure, either immediately when booking your flights at, after booking your flight under My Booking or via our Service Center.

More information on Rail&Fly

New: Deutsche Bahn voucher code

Since 13th January 2022, you will no longer receive a train ticket from us when you place your booking but instead a Deutsche Bahn voucher code sent via e-mail.

You can use this code to generate your train ticket at before you embark on your journey.

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