Dagne Dover : MID – SUMMER SALE FOR UP TO 60% OFF NOW !!


Who doesn’t love a carabiner? Here’s why we love it:

  • Adds a little flair to your Dagne bag
  • Clips on necessities (ie: mask, hand sani, keys, hat)
  • Easy access to aforementioned necessities

Who says carabiner clips are just for the outdoors? Not us. Sometimes they’re just for the outside of Dagne bags. Our small carabiner clips come in packs of two and are perfect for those items that you need the easiest of access to. Like say, your hand sani or your mask. Or if you’re anything like us, you like your keys to be right where you can see them. Or maybe it’s one of those days that can’t decide if it’s going to be sunny or shady, so you need a small carabiner clip to hold a hat. Ya know, just in case.

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