Dinovite : NubOnubs Cat Treats – Salmon Flavor

NubOnubs Cat Treats – Salmon Flavor : $8.49

Sure, you feed the best foods, but are you as choosy about your pet’s snacks? How about feeding a snack that is not junk food?

NubOnubs™ is a delicious treat for cats (and for dogs too), whether it’s a positive reward or just a daily freeze dried treat!

Freeze drying locks in flavor and nutrition.

Other treats are full of corn, wheat, fillers and chemical preservatives. Yuck!  Stuff your pets just don’t need. Really, read the labels and compare. You will see most pet treats are full of junk you can't even pronounce. Terrible for your pets.

NubOnubs™ are tasty and nutritious! No refrigeration required.


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We are so confident that your pet will benefit from our supplements we offer you a 90 day money back guarantee, risk-free trial. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the trial and use it for a full 90 days at no risk.

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