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Intermediate : ₹ 2311.52/ per day

Why rent a car in Australia?

Australia is one of the true great destinations of our planet. From famous cities like Sydney and Melbourne to a very diverse nature that includes deserts, tropics, endless beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef, the country offers plenty to keep you excited. While the sheer size of the country means you probably won’t get to explore all of it on a single trip, getting a rental car is one of the surest ways to take in as much as you can.

Top ways to enter Australia
  • Sydney Airport: The busiest in Australia, Sydney Airport serves more than 40 million passengers annually.
  • Melbourne Airport: Known as Tullamarine by locals, this airport serves flights to and from destinations in the rest of Australia, as well as in Oceania, Asia, and even the U.S. state of Hawaii.
  • Brisbane Airport: Arriving in Brisbane is the best way to reach Queensland’s capital and the beautiful beaches that surround it.
  • Perth Airport: The main airport of the vast Western Australia state.
Most popular rental car

The most popular rental car in Australia is the Hyundai i20, followed by the Toyota Corolla and the Kia Rio.

Car Rental Prices
  • Station wagons – from ₹ 3204 per day
  • Large cars – from ₹ 8792 per day
  • Medium cars – from ₹ 6910 per day
  • Vans – from ₹ 9227 per day
  • Premium cars – from ₹ 9363 per day
  • Small cars – from ₹ 6402 per day
  • SUVs – from ₹ 9701 per day
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