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Intermediate : $86.93per day

Why rent a car in Georgia?

The U.S state of Georgia is often thought by tourists to only consist of the city of Atlanta. While Atlanta is certainly worthy of a visit, it would be a shame to not see the rest of the state. Though a tourist focus in most of the state is the history of the Civil War era, the state has many more sites and activities to make it worth a road trip. It is one of the few states that has both amazing beaches and mountain vistas.

One-way Car Rentals in Georgia

Here are the most popular one-way rental options for pickup in Georgia and drop off in another country:

  • From Georgia to Florida – 70 offers from US$ 75.56 per day
  • From Georgia to Virginia – 22 offers from US$ 107.62 per day
  • From Georgia to California – 19 offers from US$ 99.01 per day
  • From Georgia to Missouri – 14 offers from US$ 107.62 per day

Car Rental Prices

  • Large cars – from $97 per day
  • Medium cars – from $95 per day
  • Vans – from $178 per day
  • Premium cars – from $133 per day
  • Small cars – from $72 per day
  • SUVs – from $130 per day
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