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Eastwood Super Stretch Indoor Car Covers: $83.97.

Eastwood Super Stretch Car Covers are made of a tight-weave, quality stretch fabric for a secure droop free fit.

  • Fits Snug to the Car
  • Breathable Material
  • Elastic Bottom Hem
  • Machine Washable
  • Includes Storage Bag

The super stretch material will fit the contour of the vehicle perfectly and has an elasticized bottom hem for a snug fit. the breathable material does not allow for condensation to occur and is excellent for inside storage of your car.

These are universal fit covers that are designed to fit multiple size vehicles.

Medium 190″x70″x47″

Example Size Cars

67 Camaro – 184.7″, 72.5″, 51.4″ (with tires)
66 Mustang – 181.6″, 68.2″, 51.2″ (with tires)
68 Corvette – 182.1″, 69.2″, 47.8″ (with tires)

Large 200″x70″x47″

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