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Fabricating compound curves in metal is easier than ever with Eastwood's Elite Mini English Wheel. Whether you're just getting started with an English wheel or simply need a space-saving unit for small projects, this wheel packs huge performance in a small package.

Simply a smaller version of the classic English wheel, this unit allows you to fabricate intricate patch panels that may be too small for a larger wheel or don’t require the expense of such a unit. Expand your metal forming skills and create patch panels correctly when you no longer have to try to accurately form a patch panel over your knee.

The Eastwood Elite Mini English Wheel Features:

  • 7.5 inch throat depth to form a 15 inch wide panel (up to 20 inches on angular plane)
  • Wheels and anvils rotate 90 degrees to provide unlimited throat depth in that direction for larger projects
  • Includes 3.19 inch upper wheel and four lower anvils (1/2″, 1″, 2″, 3″ radius)
  • Micro-adjustable anvil wheel
  • Form up to 18 gauge steel and 16 gauge aluminum
  • Convenient vise-mount design allows for easy use and storage

Rigid Construction in a small package makes this perfect for a shop with limited space or for someone who wants to start forming metal, whether it's for auto panels or general fabrication. Even if you already own a large wheel, many hobbyists and professionals find the need for a small unit and the benefits it provides.

Your patch panels will weld much cleaner when truly formed by stretching rather than bending. When you begin welding that “bent” panel it will want to revert to its original flat shape, and you won't get the results you need. A panel formed in an English wheel that is truly stretched into shape will tend to retain the shape during welding, resulting in a far better fitting, easier welding and cleaner repair.

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