Gurneys : Gurney’s® Blueberry Success Fertilizer Mix

Gurney's® Blueberry Success Fertilizer Mix : $34.99

  • Formulated for ideal berry growing
  • Easy application
  • Use when planting or transplanting
  • Improves soil, enhances aeration
  • Ideal for berries, hydrangeas or azaleas

Now you can grow blueberries no matter what your soil type or where you live. Blueberry Success Mix is formulated with the specific acidity, nutrients and texture that blueberries crave. It's as easy as pouring the Success Mix into a growing container, transplanting your blueberry plant and waiting for sweet juicy berries! Our mix can also be used to amend your existing soil for planting, and will improve soil structure, enhance aeration and aid in acidifying soil. Other acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas and azaleas will love our Success Mix too! Each bag will fill an 8-10 in. individual gallon pot.

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