HBO SHOP : Kenny Powers – Youtooz – 5″ Vinyl Collectible Figurine

Kenny Powers – Youtooz – 5″ Vinyl Collectible Figurine : $29.00

The fictional world famous baseball player is back after laying low in Mexico. His collectible stands 4.8 inches in height and features Kenny wearing his iconic outfit. Black cleats with green socks tucking into white shorts, with a green belt and green shirt with a yellow Charros logo printed on the front. Around his neck is tied a red, white and blue American flag. He holds his hands on his hips, with his head tilted sideways portraying his smug persona.

To complete the piece, Kenny wears a green baseball cap with a yellow C printed on the front.The double-walled window box features the bright lights of a baseball stadium, letting us look from the first person at Kenny Powers about to take a swing. A lone white catcher mitt lies on the ground. The interior is illustrated with floating green bills floating down from a cloudy blue sky.


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