Indochino : Haxby Charcoal Suit

Haxby Charcoal Suit : USD $299

From graduation day to your first day on the job, the Haxby Charcoal Suit is the ideal choice for those new to the world of tailoring. Featuring timeless colors and durable, super 80s merino wool-this suit is designed to withstand whatever the daily hustle throws your way. In addition to being custom made to your unique measurements and specifications, this suit is thoughtfully constructed from high quality components. All our suit jackets come half canvassed (for greater versatility and shape), or unstructured with reduced canvas (for breathability and relaxed fit). Each jacket also features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads and high quality collar felts.


We aim to ship your order from our factory in approximately 4-6 weeks.  It will then be delivered to you 7-10 business days from the date it was marked as shipped.


Please note that we do not offer refunds as all our garments are made according to your measurements and built to fit you—and no one else.

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