Knew Concepts MK3 and MK4 Fret Saws are designed specifically with woodworkers in mind. With the ultimate combination of lightweight yet stiff frames. Knew Concepts Fret saws are a joy to use. The easy-to-use blade clamps make installing and removing the blade a snap while the adjustable cam tensioner ensures consistent blade tension every time. The clamping heads swivel allowing the saw to cut in multiple directions for increased versatility.

Knew Concepts Fret Saws are a striking departure from the traditional hand saw design. Engineered to be lightweight and easy to control, these saws are stable and allow minimal blade deflection when in use. From dovetails to marquetry details, Knew Concepts fret saws bring an array of convenient features that make them faster to set up and easier to handle than any other fret saw you’ve used before.

Starting with blade installation, the Knew Concepts Fret Saws feature a quick-release camming tension lever and fine adjustment screw. Set the tension just right one time and you can change blades repeatedly without having to re-tension.  In addition, blades are held in place by easy to set clamp knobs. No frustrating needle threading like with other fret saws – just slide the blade into the receiver and tighten the knob. All Knew Concepts fret saws use standard 5-1/8″ fret saw blades.

The MK3 3″ and 5″ Fret Saws feature spring-loaded blade clamps that allow for 45° rotation in either direction, so you can do off-axis cuts right or left-handed on any project. The ultra-lightweight yet incredibly stiff Mk3 frame makes these the most agile and comfortable fret saws to use we have found.

The Mk4 5″ and 8″ Fret Saws sport an even stronger frame geometry designed to pull 50-60 pounds of tension, making for even less deflection than before. While the MK4 frame weighs a little more than the Mk3 the added stiffness makes them perfect for heavier cuts such as dovetail waste removal while still being lighter than a traditional coping or fret saw. The swivel blade clamps are also able to rotate a full 360° with click stops every 45° for even more sawing versatility.

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