Joseph Joseph: Totem Max 60L Waste & Recycling Bin

Totem Max 60L Waste & Recycling Bin:

A kitchen bin is the unsung hero at the heart of the home, but few are up to the task of coping with general waste, food waste and recycling. Meet Totem. Our award-winning bin has different compartments for all types of household waste, allowing you to separate everything out in one compact unit. Its integrated odour control keeps the kitchen smelling fresh, too.

The finer details

  • 60L bin includes 2 x 30-litre compartments and a 3-litre removable food waste caddy with lid
  • Unique vertical design maximises capacity in a compact space
  • Integrated odour control with replaceable activated carbon filters
  • Removable buckets with liner retaining holes and carrier bag hooks

Care & use:

  • Use 60L with IW2 and IW6 custom-fit liners (also suitable for use with standard liners)
  • External surfaces – wipe clean with a damp cloth and then dry with a soft, dry cloth – do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners
  • Buckets & food waste caddy – remove from unit and clean with hot, soapy water – wipe dry before replacing in unit (to help remove unpleasant odours, a solution of baking powder and water may also be used)
  • Odour filter – for best performance, we recommend replacing your odour filter every 3 months
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