Kidde : SM120X Relay Module for Smoke Alarm

SM120X Relay Module for Smoke Alarm : $17.15

This module is only activated by a smoke alarm interconnect signal. The relay portion of this module can be used to activate auxiliary warning devices such as external bells and sirens, hallway or stairwell lighting. It provides isolated, (no internal connection to 120 volts AC) normally open, and normally closed contacts. The model SM120X module is for use with the following interconnectable models: Smoke Alarms: 1235, 1235CA, 1275, 1275CA, 1276, 1276CA, 1285, 1285CA, 1296, i12020, i12020CA, i12040, i1240CA, i12060, i12060CA, i12080, PE120, PE120CA, PI2000, and PI2000CA, RF-SM-ACDC, CO/ Smoke Combo alarms: KN-COSM-IB and KN-COSM-IBCA, and Heat Alarms, HD135F, and HD135FCA, all with red interconnect wires. Each module is equivalent to one interconnect alarm, reduce the maximum number of interconnect devices by one for each module used. Do not exceed the total number of devices allowable in the interconnect system, refer to the individual alarm owners manual for the maximum number of units allowed when interconnecting. Do not exceed the temperature or humidity limits of +40°F (4.4°C) to 100°F (37.8°C) (such as in garages and unfinished attics) and 90% relative humidity for either the relay module or the alarms.


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