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Leather Trunk Succulent Garden : $57

The faux leather trim and metal accents really set this gift apart. The Leather Trunk Succulent Garden is the perfect gift for the most seasoned plant owner as well as the budding one. With bright filtered light and a promise of some water just a couple times a month, this gift will be enjoyed for a very long time. Perfect for home or office. The varieties of the succulents may change based on availability, and can include assorted echeveria, kalanchoe, sedum and others.
  • Dimensions: Approximately 6″ H x 7.5″ W
  • Water every 2-4 weeks depending on surrounding


There are several delivery trips that go out throughout the day. Depending upon when the order comes in and the product request, we will send it out on the earliest possible delivery trip on your requested delivery date.  Drivers may only be in certain towns at specific times of the day so timed delivery requests cannot be guaranteed.


A general rule is that flowers will last a week to 10 days depending upon the flower varieties and plants will last a minimum of two weeks.  If cared for properly, some plant varieties can last for years.

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