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$22.99 BUY NOW
$22.99 BUY NOW

Reusable Budget Tracker Bundle

  • Still using a spreadsheet or an app? Out of sight, out of mind. Our reusable planners and sticky notes stick to shiny surfaces like glass, plastic, stainless steel, metal, and whiteboards without leaving residue behind, so you can keep your budget where you’ll see it regularly.
  • Budgets are not set-it-and-forget-it tools, and sometimes, things change quickly. Frequently checking in on your budget helps you avoid surprises and keep spending under control. Save green by going green when you switch to reusable and write, erase, and reuse every piece of this bundle up to 2,000 times each.
  • The included Tackie Marker is non-toxic, low-odor, and erases easily with water, meaning your writing won't smudge until you wipe the ink away with a damp cloth.
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