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$34.00 $42.00 BUY NOW

VEGAN COLLAGEN Hydrate & Plump Trio

1 x full-size Vegan Collagen Body Milk Spray (6 fl. oz/177ml): Fast-absorbing Vegan Collagen Body Milk non-aerosol spray, is formulated with our signature Vegan Collagen fermented peptides, avocado oil, aloe and floral extracts for effortlessly, and instantly hydrated skin.​

1 x full-size Vegan Collagen Body Butter (4.5 fl. oz/132ml): Vegan Collagen Body Butter is infused with our signature vegan collagen fermented peptides, plus shea butter and floral extracts to help supports elasticity and provide intense moisture to dull, dry skin. This rich, scoopable formula is perfect for targeting skin that needs extra hydration.​

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