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Book a flight to the Maldives 

Since its ascendance, in the latter half of the 20th century, as one of the world’s most exotic leisure destinations, the Maldives has lovingly preserved its natural wonders. Pristine beaches and idyllic diving spots are speckled among approximately 1,200 islands, in this tropical archipelago.

Book a flight to the Maldives with Qatar Airways, and fall in love with a picture-perfect wonderland in the equatorial Indian Ocean.

Maldives highlights

Dive, surf, swim, sunbathe… and repeat; the Maldives is the quintessential exotic getaway.

Around one in every six islands in the Maldives is inhabited, but many others have been developed specifically for tourism. It is these that most tourists visit and there are almost 100 self-contained resorts offering sun, sea and excursions. More adventurous travellers can island-hop independently, to discover some hidden treasures.

The island-nation’s capital, Malé, is one of the most popular destinations outside of the resorts, and is home to attractions such as Sultan Park, the National Museum and Republic Square.

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