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$9.25 BUY NOW

DOW U-418, Betaseal, Windshield Urethane Adhesive

  • 10.5 oz tube
  • 10 tubes per case

Betaseal U-418 Windshield Urethane Adhesive is used for installing automotive glass in the majority of vehicles in the world, making Betaseal the perfect choice when restoring damaged vehicles back to the original specification and strength. DOW Betaseal is FMVSS crash proven and meets long-term durability requirements for structurally bonded automotive glass, such as back glasses, quarter glasses, windshields and many other stationary glass pieces.

Betaseal U-418 Quick Cure Primerless to Auto Glass Windshield Urethane Adhesive provides primerless-to-glass convenience with excellent sag resistance, workability and quick drive-away times. It minimizes steps by blending glass primer into the urethane and does not require heat curing to set.

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