Rover : Drop-in visits

Drop-in visits

Thousands of drop-in visits booked. Thousands of happy pets.

Is your dog happy to nap at home all day—or is your dog actually a cat? Instead of a full-time pet sitter, book someone to drop by a few times a day to feed and check on your pets. Drop-in visits are great for:


  • Low-maintenance dogs
  • Cats and caged pets
  • Help with small household tasks
  • Long-term bookings
  • No need to uproot your pet

    Your sitter will stop by to feed, play with, and snuggle your pet as many times a day as you like. And the best part? Your best friend gets to stay on their home turf.

  •  Convenient Meet & Greet tool

    Meet your dog or cat's perfect match before you book. Schedule a free in-person Meet & Greet, right from your Rover inbox.

  •  Affordable, personalised pet care

    Rover is an affordable kennel alternative.

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