Rugs US : Natural Leva Easy-Jute Washable Retro Area Rug

Natural Leva Easy-Jute Washable Retro Area Rug : $17500 – $58500

ute—ruggedly handsome, perfect for layering—is one of our most beloved rug fibers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get that jute look without shedding or staining, and could even run it through the laundry? Well, guess what?

Say hello to the washable Rugs USA Easy-Jute!

Resistant to spills, stains, kids, pets, and any smudge that comes your way, Rugs USA Easy-Jute is for those who love the jute look but require a super-low-maintenance fiber. No stains, no shedding, no problem—simply run these jute-inspired rugs through the washing machine!

Rugs USA Easy-Jute rugs are at their best when they’re right in the center of the action. No matter what messes you encounter—from the unavoidable “oops” during a lively cocktail party to the fallout from an all-afternoon slime-making session—these faux jutes clean up fast!

Before long, these gorgeous, durable woven rugs will claim a special place in the heart of your home. Their charms are boundless:

One-piece design: Our Easy-Jutes have a built-in non-slip backing, which eliminates the hassle of a separate backing layer. When your rug arrives, simply lay it flat in the desired space.
Eco-friendly: Made from recycled fibers, these machine-washable jute-look rugs are GRS Certified.
Hard-wearing: Spill- and stain-resistant, Easy-Jutes are perfect for those with kids and pets and will hold up in high-traffic areas of your home.

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