Talkspace : Humanistic therapy with Talkspace online therapy

Humanistic therapy with Talkspace online therapy 

Humanistic therapy can help those who want to foster personal growth, using therapy more as a preventative measure than a means to resolve a specific mental health concern.

Judgment-free space

Therapy with a licensed professional is a judgment-free space—you can feel comfortable bringing your whole self to each session

Problem-solving techniques

Humanistic therapists share tools and behavior shaping techniques for everyday problem-solving, self-soothing, and conflict resolution.

Ongoing support

Enjoy ongoing dedicated support through live online therapy sessions (text, audio, and video) and unlimited messaging with your therapist.

Explore the past

The humanistic therapy approach may dig into issues you’re experiencing currently or what has happened in the past.

Individualized support

Get individualized treatment specific to your needs allowing you to guide your own sessions. Humanistic psychotherapy is a solution focused therapy crafted by you and your licensed humanistic therapist.

A positive approach

The humanistic approach is centered on positivity and open-mindedness, so you receive counseling in the areas you would like to focus on.

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