Talkspace : Mentalization-based therapy online with Talkspace

Mentalization-based therapy online with Talkspace

Mentalization based therapy can be used to uncover new ways of thinking and improve emotional regulation and connection in those with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Healing and repair

Mentalization therapy aims to help the brain relearn to identify and express emotions.

The power of empathy

Empathy is about understanding how others feel. Mentalization therapy aims to improve empathy in those who struggle to identify others’ emotions.

Emotional regulation

Using the power of mentalization, you’ll analyze your own emotions and feelings with the goal of understanding them on a deeper level.

Ongoing support

Ongoing dedicated support through live sessions (text, audio, or video) and/or unlimited messaging with your licensed mental healthcare provider.

Individual Therapy

Get treatment catered to meet your needs with individual therapy. Increase your own social functioning and learn to understand the emotions and feelings that occur in people’s minds and your own with 1:1 sessions with your MBT therapist.

Improved interpersonal relationships

Learn the skills for improved interpersonal relationships and social functioning.

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