Trueleaf Market : The Barleygrass Growing Kit – Grow Barley Grass

The Barleygrass Growing Kit – Grow Barley Grass : $53.12

The Barley Grass Growing Kit is the complete Organic and simple setup! Each kit starts you out with enough Organic barley seed, Organic soil, Organic minerals, and growing trays to grow five trays of Barley Grass, yielding at least 60 ounces of barley juice (1 month supply at 2 ounces a day). Each Barley Grass kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions. The growing instructions teach you to grow barley grass in the most nutritious and simple way possible! To ensure the highest possible mineral content and barley grass yield, we have included an Organic forest compost mixture and Azomite, an Organic all-natural mineral that insures that your barley grass contains all of the trace minerals required by the human body for maximum health.


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