UniKWax : Bikini Brush

Bikini Brush : $19

This simple but revolutionary brush softens and straightens bikini area hair, making it much easier to wax. Use daily on clean, dry skin to exfoliate dead skin and straighten hairs. This soft, handmade brush is crafted from jute – one of nature’s strongest vegetable fibers – and gentle on your skin. Just remember to not use your Bikini Brush for 2 days before and after waxing.

What makes our Bikini Brush so effective?

  • Made from all-natural jute fibers
  • Prepares hair for easier waxing
  • Removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation
  • For dry use only. Never use wet or wash the brush.
  • Replace brush every six months
  • Shake after using and store in a dry place
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