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Lavender Chamomile Body Scrub 7.76 oz/220 g : $9.95

Lavender Chamomile Body Scrub features a perfectly layered fragrance of calming lavender extract, light, airy chamomile and creamy, warm vanilla. Our Lavender Chamomile by Vitabath is a peaceful scent that calms, satisfies and quiets your mind and spirit.

Now reach for Vitabath® Body Scrub when washing, bathing and moisturizing isn't enough to keep your skin looking its best. Simply scoop out some of our Body Scrub from the jar, apply to your skin using a circular motion and polish away dead cells. This will help to expose a fresh new layer of glowing skin.

Our Body Scrub's main ingredient is sugar granules in a foundation of jojoba oil and Shea butter. This mixture is not too harsh on your skin and provides some moisturizer to protect the skin from drying out while you exfoliate. Also formulated with our Antioxidant superfruit complex of noni, goji, coffee, pomegranate, mangosteen and green tea – you'll be sure that your skin receives the nourishment and added benefits it craves to keep it looking great.


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