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Shady Garden Roll Out Seed Mat : $11.99

You don't need all-day sun for your garden or yard to have dazzling summer blooms. The Shady Garden Flower Mat from Walter Drake produces amazing results without needing to furrow soil or plant each seed by hand. Just lay down a pre-seeding flower garden mat and water it for 1-2 weeks. They were designed by a professional horticulturist for high-quality landscaping results! The 20″ x 60″ mat is seeded with 15 varieties of fragrant annual flowers for shady areas. These flower types thrive even when the sun is blocked off by larger trees and shrubs so you can count on them this season.

  • Full to partial shade flower assortment
  • Flowers range between 6″ and 48″ high
  • Seeds are nestled between 100% recycled paper for healthy growth
  • 20″ x 60″ mat
  • Includes 15 varieties of shade plants and flowers


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