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In Future Ready: Your Organization’s Guide to Rethinking Climate, Resilience, and Sustainability, a team of business leaders with deep expertise in engineering, planning, finance, project, program implementation and advisory consulting perspective delivers an essential guide for executives, managers, and other business and infrastructure organization leaders to set and implement a resilience, sustainability and ESG strategy in complex project and operating environments. Through practical examples and proven insights, readers will learn to proactively engage with stakeholders, successfully plan, implement, and measure the impacts of their initiatives, and effectively communicate the results.

In the book, the authors draw on hundreds of completed projects across a full range of client organizations, markets, sectors, and scales to equip readers with unprecedented insights and the behind-the-scenes work that went into making the projects successful. The authors also include:

  • Strategies for identifying, cataloguing, and reporting risks—from the operational to the physical and transactional—as well as explanations of how climate risk scenarios can reveal hidden opportunities and unexpected vulnerabilities
  • A Future Ready mindset and the specific examples of organizational sustainability and climate adaptation commitments and the paths companies have taken to meet their goals
  • Critical questions that leaders must ask of themselves and their organizations before they begin a climate, resilience, and/or sustainability initiative.
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