Yumove : YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Horses

YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Horses : £156.40

  • Triple-action formula soothing stiffness, supporting joint structure and aiding mobility.
  • For older, stiffer horses and horses in high levels of work.
  • This is 1.8kg, approximately 45 scoops.
  • The UK’s no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement

YuMOVE Joint Care PLUS for Horses has 25% more MSM and high strength Glucosamine and double the amount of ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel, when compared to our standard YuMOVE Horse formula, providing extra joint support. An easy to give powder that you add to your horse’s feed daily.


With stiff or older horses, use twice the daily recommendation for the first 4 – 6 weeks. Mix the following amounts with food using the 40ml scoop provided.

  • Pony (approx. 250kg) half a scoop daily
  • Horse (approx. 500kg) 1 level scoop daily


ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel

Sourced from the crystal-clear coastal waters off New Zealand, providing a super concentrated source of Omega 3, which is proven to soothe stiff joints. Higher levels provides increased amounts of two unique Omega 3 EFAs to aid the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory process after rigorous training. It eases stiffness after exercise and maintain mobility.

Glucosamine HCl

At 99.8% purity this provides the core building blocks of cartilage – the tough connective tissue that protects the joint.

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