Israel Police Emblem Embroidered Ball Cap : $9.99

The Israel Police Emblem Embroidered Ball Cap does not only look great but also is well-made and low profile. Furthermore, the Israel Police Emblem Embroidered Ball Cap is built to last through the most Severe conditions. With its extreme durability, the Israeli Police Emblem Ball Cap is a great choice for airsoft units, operators, and collectors. Especially keep the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your face in style with our military ball caps and tactical caps.

In addition, make sure also to visit our Morale patch section where you will find dozens of exclusive patches you will not find anywhere else. In conclusion, we have been shipping IDF and Isreali police Ball caps for years and are one of the best in the business. The Israel Emblem ball cap is one size fits all and comes with a brass buckle adjuster in the back.


We ship every second day of the week (except of Friday and Saturday), that means that if you make your order during any weekday it will probably ship the same day or the day after as long as everything goes well (payment received without any issues, not during the weekend, item in stock, holidays, etc..).


Contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item.

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